Monday, July 30, 2007

Making a commitment!

Making that initial commitment to maintaining a blog is such a mental hurdle for me! So much so that I had forgotten I started this in March - but, I love the title (and that little part of me is so happy with that. Perhaps that is just the incentive I need to stay with this!).

There is so much to catch up on! CHA Summer was a great experience! The business aspects always fascinate me. It is mind-boggling that companies are able to come out with such exciting new releases so many times per year. Paper Salon had a great introduction which included four new paper lines and 12 - yes, twelve! - new stamps sets. The stamps aren't only the most beautiful designs, but they're CLEAR!

Now, if I ran into you at the Paper Salon booth, I very likely told you that I've always considered myself to be a red rubber girl, through and through. I'm going to have eat those words, because I can't find anything wrong with these PS stamps! I am so pleased with them! My biggest fear was losing the detail that so many acrylic stamps are infamous for - not with these beauties! Sharp detail, no beaded up ink, no smooshed lines - a dream come true! I'm a convert! If you're interested in seeing more of the designs, head on over to the Paper Salon Style File (

If you're a blog surfer (like I am), you have undoubtedly seen some of the buzz on the new Nestabilities dies from Spellbinders ( ). I had an opportunity to see these first hand in Chicago, and let me tell you, the hype is WELL-DESERVED! I am so very excited about these! The capabilities of these is fantastic - die cutting in multiple, concentric sizes, PLUS an embossing feature?! Talk about brilliant! And then there is the storage of them, they are flat (i.e., no metal plate backing that you see on competitors' dies). Since they all nest within each other, they should all fit right in a CS case.

(Now, imagine if you will, all my Paper Salon Tailored Tins neatly stored away with my soon-to-be-purchased Nestabilities. Ahhh, neat freak heaven! Such a happy thought, LOL!)

I will leave you with a summery card featuring Paper Salon's Sizzle collection. This appeared in the PS booth at CHA. There is some Liquid Applique, some Stickles and a Glaze Pen from Sakura.