Saturday, November 17, 2007

More gushing about Charlotte!

Well, here it is, a week later, and I still think that spending time with the ever-so-talented Charlotte Lyons was the highlight of my Silver Bella experience. I love this adorable picture that Kim Haynes took of the two of us:

So what exactly was so inspiring about her? Well, I already mentioned her effortless grace (something I so long for in my life - maybe I will grow into it!). More so than that, I enjoyed her teaching style immensely, probably because we have a shared philosophy - in art, you need to make it your own. So for all of her teaching/guidance, she was eager to learn from her students as well. We also have a shared affinity of Anna Griffin products - although I was pleased as punch to use them in different ways.

Should you ever get a chance to take a class with her, I would highly recommend it. You will come away inspired and longing to spend the day crafting away! Her book, Between Friends is wonderful, and if you happen to pick it up on your birthday, you may get a special birthday message in it! ;)

Changing gears, do you happen to see this project on the ]Paper Salon blog? It is a desk calendar that uses PS Glad Rags paper, Spellbinders Scalloped Rectangle Nestability Dies and the Bind-It-All. It was relatively easy to make - scoring the chipboard and creating the individual pages were probably the most labor intensive. I hope you like it!

There are a couple deadlines coming up on Monday, so I am trying to get a couple of things done for that. I want to sit and play and learn how to solder (thanks Heather and Valita - all I need is a new craft!LOL) but time just isn't allowing for it. On a good note, Wally and the Beav have gone back to school; PA only allows the teachers to strike for a certain amount of days. Of course, they then only have to teach for a certain amount more, which in reality means our districts' teachers may go back on strike in January. Hmph. Let's hope that a fair settlement is reached before that becomes an issue.

Be well! ~ Jenn

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