Sunday, December 9, 2007

I love to read!

One thing that I really love, but have to make time for, is reading. There's nothing like finishing a good book. With DH having been out of town, I was able to finish two that I really loved:

The Meaning of Night (shoot, bloggin' on my Mac, and I don't know the code to underline - just know I know it should be there!) by Michael Cox - very cool book! I can't say that it is a mystery, but it is full of intrigue and holds your interest. It is set in Victorian England, and presents the main character as a bad guy, yet one for whom you gain a large amount of sympathy. Great story and very well written - a challenging book, but one that I am very glad to have read.

P.S. I Love You - the book that the movie is based on. (I always hurry to read a book before seeing the movie, and usually end up not seeing the movie because I'm afraid it won't live up to the book. That is probably going to be the case here.) I guess this technically falls into the category of "chick lit" but I enjoyed this book quite a lot. I wanted something a little less difficult to read, and this was perfect! Such a sweet love story - I laughed, I cried... :) Enjoyable story!

I'm busy starting bar mitzvah invitations for our dear friends. Larry, the father, is a professional - he works in print marketing with my DH at American Eagle. Just a little intimidating doing this for a professional!!! We all sat down last week for the initial design consultation, a self-folding mailer; I awoke in a panic at 2am, realizing the pocket we thought was perfect wouldn't hold the inserts in the mail. We all got a great laugh from that! (And at least I know the professionals have the same DUH moments as the rest of us!) The design flaw has been solved, the perfect color has been found, so we are on our way. I'm really enjoying learning about the whole tradition behind this ceremony.

DH's office holiday parties were last night (two of them, on the same night!). I did the invitations for the department party, so it was nice to hear all the positive feedback in person. They were pretty quick and easy, but I forgot to take a picture of them! Can you believe it?

I'm already thinking about New Year's goals - this coming year, I have to get better organized! I'm great about writing everything down, but I need to get it all in one place. I have this invention that I'm going to go ahead and post here, since I'm not capable of producing it, and don't know who would be - BUT I NEED THIS! I want a screen to mount on my refrigerator that I can beam my Palm to and have everything in synch and readily available to view by the other members in the family. Push a button and everyone knows what is going on. Because therein lies my problem - I keep two calendars, one for me on my computer/Palm and another traditional paper one in the kitchen for the family; and invariably, something gets put on one and not the other.

So if you know of someone able to produce that, please pass it along. All I want in return is one when it's finished! Deal?

I think that's all for now. If you have any good books that you recommend, let me know!

Be well ~ J.


Julia said...

Well two books I must check out and I too love to read the book before the movie. I'll make you a deal and go with you as I have a huge love affair with Gerard Butler. So to me he can do no wrong!HA And if you can come up with a good organizational solution for all the notes and lists let me know! I so need that!

Happy Monday!

Sherry Wright said...

Sounds so relaxing, sitting and reading! Glad you found some good books and it sounds like your invitations business is going to be keeping you quite busy, wtg!!