Saturday, December 8, 2007

I've been on solo parent duty, so I apologize for my absence! My DH has been away on an amazing trip for work (yes, if you're sensing I'm a little green, you are right on!). He came home last night, so the boys and I have been showering him with attention. Take a look at this!

That's what you think it is - the pyramids in Egypt. He came home with some amazing pictures. In addition to visiting Egypt, he spent time in Israel, Jerusalem, Jordan and Hong Kong during this trip. Mind blowing stuff!

While he was away, I tackled the mess that was my craft room! I have no idea how I accumulate so much, but I couldn't ignore it any longer. It was a bigger project than I anticipated, but I am glad that it is finished. My closet still looks horrendous, but I have contained it -- and you can't see the mess from the hall any more. That's my pet peeve; it can BE messy, I just would prefer that it not LOOK messy. (And if my mom is reading this, she is laughing hysterically - this has been as much of a lifelong affiliction, much like my love of paper.)

If you're digging out from snow like us, stay warm! I hope you have a great weekend. Be well! ~ Jenn


Sherry Wright said...

Such an amazing photo and adventures he gets to go on. WTG on the organizing!

Anabelle said...

Love that cool photo! Glad you got your organzing accomplished!