Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Boyfriend

He's home! Yes, my super strong, handsome new boyfriend is home with me, constantly by my side. Ahh, my dear Wizard. My new tool of choice. *Bliss*

I'm back from AZ, much in need of a nap or two, enjoying all the wonderful information floating around in my head. Thankfully, the education director and lead designers put together a wonderful notebook for the newbies. Very useful for me, because I always say that I am a "write it down or it's gone" type of person. The Carons, Stacey & Jeff, were the most gracious hosts. I can't imagine hosting a large bunch of women who were strangers not only to them, but to each other. They pulled it off beautifully, though, making each of us feel incredibly welcome.

I hardly know where to start! There is so much to tell! My roommates were Linda Duke, Sharon Harnist and Sally Lynn MacDonald. What an amazing group of ladies whom I am so glad to now call my friends. We had a lot of fun together, staying up way too late chatting and getting up way too early. I never really adjusted to the time change, so coffee was truly my saving grace for the duration of the trip.

Wednesday night, the team hung out with the Carons at their home. Thursday morning, we all went into the office and started our intense training. We learned everything about the Wizard and the incredible dies. Cut, emboss, set eyelets, make foam stamps, flatten bottle caps - EVERYTHING!!! This gadget girl is in love! Friday, we had more of the same - learning more and more about the magical Wizard. We also did photo sessions with the amazingly talented Eli Harlan. (We had a different kind of fun that evening - more to come about that tomorrow!)

Saturday, amongst other activities, I filmed a webisode with Eli on how to make foam stamps with the Wizard. I didn't get to see the rough copy Saturday night, but I will let you know once it is posted (maybe!). LOL! Saturday night, the Carons had us to their home for a wonderful dinner. I can't get over how kind they were to all of the women on the team!

I ended up having to ship a large box home, despite the fact that I packed an extra bag. The preferred products partners set us up with LOTS of product to use in conjunction with our Spellbinders projects. Their generosity will enable us to spotlight their products beautifully.

I have so much more to tell you about the trip! I will be back tomorrow with the missing pieces.

Oh, and don't forget what today is! It is January 15th, so that means new releases from my stamping idol, Nichole Heady, and the team at Papertrey Ink. Two very useful releases plus some new tins that I'm very fond of!

Off to organize all my new dies! Be well ~ Jenn


Julia said...

I am in absolute awe Jenn! Your new boyfriend is quite something..can't wait to see all the things you both do together!LOL HAHAH Glad to hear your back safe, had a great time!! I'll check in for more...

StamperSharon said...

Hi, Roomie!! Hey, I like your new boyfriend . . . I have one just like him! ;) It was fabulous getting to meet you!