Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Spellbinders at CHA

You all seem as excited as I am about the big Xcaliber news from Spellbinders! I'm sure you've seen the information on this, that it is motorized (as in you plug it in the wall outlet), that it is quiet (great for late night crafting) and that it is priced right (the goal is to have it priced around $129). Very exciting!

Here is a card that was in the Spellbinders booth at CHA; it uses WorldWin Cardstock, the butterfly and heart dies and the stamps that match the butterfly dies. This bold color combo is a bit different for me, but I like the way it turned out. It uses the glitter window technique:

I also created a 12 x 12 layout for the booth. I love how this turned out! It is of Ward and the Beav on a road trip they took to Chicago a couple of summers ago (I didn't go, so the pics are so sweet to me!):

I'll be back tomorrow with the sample I did for the Spellbinders Consumer booth! Until then, be well ~ Jenn

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Julia said...

Great samples Jenn! I think the color combo on the card is fantastic!!