Monday, March 3, 2008

Thanks for the computer advice!

You're all giving me such great advice - thank you so much! I mentioned to a couple friends this weekend that I was taking the weekend off from my computer in hopes of saving my sanity.

It didn't work.

Hey, completely unrelated to paper crafting...does anyone watch Anthony Bourdain on the Travel Channel? OMG, this guy is THE BEST! DH and I are sitting watching him right now, it is sort of our Monday night ritual. If you've never seen him, you should check it out - he's a great writer with a wicked sense of humor. I know, it seems like an oxymoron to say that a tv host is an awesome writer, but he is!

Sorry for the non-stamping post, but I actually didn't stamp at all this weekend! (GASP) We had the laziest family weekend that I can remember in a while. Maybe there is an upside to this lingering cold! ;)

I hope your weekend was equally relaxing! Be well ~ Jenn


hemidemisemiquaver said...

I love him. He is so great, sarcastic and he is really smart about food. I like him becasue he is a real guy who happens to be a chef. My Mom is a chef, so I get it.

Julia said...

Meant to tell you..Scott and I are HUGE fans of Anthony! We just love his personality and all the amazing places he goes. Did you see the episode of he and his brother going back to France? We had no idea he was from there and just loved that one!! :-)