Friday, June 6, 2008

Spellbinders, Shrink Plastic and Fun Foam - oh my!

Yesterday, I chatted a little about how Spellbinders offers coordinating stamps for many of their dies. I love this option with the dies, and I use it quite often. Here's a little trick, though - you can make your own stamps with Spellbinders - all it takes is a little fun foam. This is where a Wizard really makes a difference - you can cut a wide variety of materials with the Wizard.

I layer my white plate, my spacer plate, die (rough side up; this one is Ornamental Reflection B), fun foam and second white plate. I feed the sandwich through my Wizard just like normal and voila! Look what I got with just one pass. So, what's next?

Simply put a little repositionable adhesive on it and place it on your acrylic block!

So, for the shrink plastic, it is exactly the same sandwich as above, just substitute the shrink plastic for the fun foam. (If you're looking for a great shrink plastic, I always prefer Lucky Squirrel. I'm not affliated with them in any way, just wanted to let you know about a GREAT product.) I'm using clear on this, so to photograph it is probably a waste of time! ;) I will let you know, though, that you will probably want to send this through your Wizard two times. Here's a look at what you will end up with after die-cutting:

You may notice that the cut-out, detailed pieces are still intact. I'm just going to choose to leave these in, but you can follow up with a craft knife if you would like. Once this is heated up and shrunk, you won't notice those pieces being left in.

Ink up your foam stamp with Palette ink, then stamp your shrink plastic.

Next step? Heat it up! There are a couple of things to remember when working with shrink plastic: have something with a non-metal handle (embossing stylus, scissors, etc.) to hold the plastic in place when heating; keep something in mind is the surface that you're heating on (I use a non-stick baking sheet that I've repurposed to my craft room); I like to have an acrylic block close by, too, so that I can flatten out my piece once it has shrunk fully. (If you've done this before, you know how crazy this process can seem; it will wriggle around, fold upon itself and look like a complete lost cause before you finish. Have faith - keep heating until it is nearly flat. It will straighten itself out - especially if it's Lucky Squirrel! I just like to make sure it is really flat by putting the acrylic block on it while it is still hot.)

So there you have it! By combining these two techniques, you have made your own plastic embellishment, completely customizable to match your project. I used this as an embellishment on a notecard - here's the finished project:

I hope that you have a creative weekend! I will have you know that before I started taking these pictures, I had to make sure all the Papertrey Ink was out of view - just a little tease! ;)

Be well.


StamperSharon said...

Great use of shrink and fun foam, Jenn . . . beautiful card!

Katie Renz said...

Trust me, I would love to have the Wizard all those glorious dies... (big sigh)

Anabelle said...

How fun is this??? What a great idea, Jenn!

Kimberly said...

wow! great idea! beautiful card!

Kimberly said...

thanks for visiting my blog-I added you to my blog roll-hope you don't mind! :)