Sunday, September 21, 2008

Crazy couple of weeks!

Just when I think I am all settled, and ready to get back into blogging, Mother Nature laughs in my face. See, when Tropical Storm Hanna rolled through two weeks ago, our finished basement flooded, our roof leaked, and our deck wicked in water that leaked into 2 separate places. Needless to say, I've had my hands pretty full with lots of contractors. Things are going pretty smoothly, thankfully!

I made this quick card using some Paper Salon stamps and papers. I made it for my new neighbor, a super-sweet young woman who lost her darling dog in traffic the other day. She was completely heart-broken, and I just wanted to let her know how sad I was for her. I love the sentiment "Thinking of You" - it is just the right one for a situation like this.

I wanted to say THANKS! to Marge at Maricopa Stamper for passing along this nice blog award (although I've been such a bad blogger as of late, that I feel a little odd getting to display it):

My family and I have been having a great time in our new location! We've been exploring museums and sights, and we've been into the District every weekend (with the exception of our flood weekend, LOL). Today we went into Georgetown; I'm in need of a helmet for my latest toy, my new PINK Schwinn scooter! :)

One of our favorites family activities as of late has been going to DC United games. What makes it all the more fun is that Volkswagen (DH's new employer) is a sponsor of the team. Just the other day, all the stars of the team came to the VW offices for the HQ's grand opening. I was able to get Wally over to the office after school to meet his favorite players; can you spot the future MLS star amid all the current stars?! ;)

Do you think he was on Cloud 9 or what? (And yes, I'm sure I will be doing a LO about it very soon.)

Well, I think that is about everything for the time being! I have some Spellbinders work that I hope to be able to share soon, as well as some Papertrey Ink pieces that I've been working on. Chat with you soon!

Be well.


Miki said...

I'm guessing the future soccer star is the one with the BIGGEST smile on his face!! What a great photo and how cool that he got to hang out with them. I bet you 2 are the bestest parents in the world!

Hope you found your helmet and that your off scooting around soon. Glad to hear things are getting fixed up too...what a mess. ((HUGS))

Anabelle said...

Wow, how cool that he got to meet the team! He fits right in with them!!! So glad you are enjoying all things DC. We are planning a trip down on Columbus Day weekend! I PM'd you at POC. ;) Would LOVE to meet up!

hemidemisemiquaver said...

OH MY!!! I WANT that scooter!!! DREAMY!!

Kimberly said...

beautiful card!! hope your house is doing ok now! yikes!!

StamperSharon said...

OMGosh, I bet he was in hog heaven, Jenn -- great photo! And a PINK scooter?!! Girl, you are stylin'!!