Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Oh, it's really fall!

I hope that your weather is as amazing as mine is! I have the windows open, letting the sunshine and cool air fill my room (and me!) with happiness. I love fall!

I'm in a huge colored pencil phase right now, thanks mostly to my wonderful class with Karen Lockhart, I think! I love this Hydrangea and Berries image from Lockhart Stamp Company, but I have to admit, it's been a really challenging image for me. I have wanted the crock to take on the appearance of a salt-glazed piece of pottery, and it hasn't been as quick coming to me as I initially thought! But I kept at it, and got this one (which looks pretty good to me - what do you think?). Mission accomplished!

I had the best weekend - my mom and dad came to visit! It was the first time seeing the new house. We went to a craft fair and house tour in Waterford, Virginia. WOW - if you ever the opportunity to go to this, I really recommend it. It was just beautiful. Saturday, we went to the National Zoo, but because we were six people, and we no longer have our SUV, we had to take two cars. You know what that translates to? Yep, my first driving experience in the District - with my poor Mom in the car! I don't think I've seen her look quite so nervous since I got my permit!

Saturday evening, my moped arrived! It was kind of fun that my folks were here to watch me drive up and down the driveway, giggling on the top of my lungs! (You know what I need now, don't you? I think I need a little moped stamp!)

Sunday, we went to a soccer clinic for VW kids - with the players from DC United! TOTALLY cool!

That's Wally taking on an MLS'er.

And that's Beav scoring on an MLS defenseman. Yeah, I think they had a BLAST! It was an amazing opportunity!

I guess that's everything for the time being! I hope everything is going as well in your corner of the paper-crafting world.

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Julia said...

Your card is simply amazing...what good coloring!LOL I can totally hear you giggling like crazy..but where are the pics? And the soccer event would have been quite the thing..you are quite the lucky girl to be around all those fab soccer legs! :-)