Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Project over at CardMaker

I made a fun holiday project some time ago and it is now featured on the CardMaker Magazine website. It is a CD holder; the idea is that you put your family's favorite holiday songs on a CD and pass it on to someone else. The sweet people at CardMaker made a nice .pdf download with pics and instructions, if you are interested.

I had a very humbling day today. I baked UGLY cookies (at least they taste good!), and I had a true 'Dum-As' (parent-code between Ward and me when Wally and the Beav are around) moment on my scooter today. I rode it over to Barnes & Noble to look at Country Living (more on this in a moment) and parked it at a bike rack. Well, the bike rack was turquoise...guess what I have on the pink scooter now? Yep, turquoise paint. Hence, the dum-as moment.

OK, so Country Living. Last year, I went out to Omaha to attend the Silver Bella event. It was fantastic - a great experience! Well, Country Living sent a couple of editors and photographers to cover the event for the magazine. The issue just hit newsstands, so that's why I wanted to go to B&N. It is a great spread, a cool pull-out section with all sorts of photographs (I didn't make it into any). I noticed that they had an extra section of photos online, so I came home to check it out. Well, if you scroll to picture number 9, my tool bag made it. Yes, that's Wally and the Beav's pic in my tool I didn't make it into the spread, but my kids did.

Humbling. Oh well, it's good for the soul, right? ;)

Be well.


Miki said...

Oh no! At least turquoise goes with pink, right? Depending where it's at, maybe you can add a cute decal flower over the mark. Loved seeing the photos of the Silver Bella show. Everything is so beautiful!

Linda Beeson said...

I like your good news in the CardMaker deal and the pics in the mag!