Wednesday, November 12, 2008

White on Black - 'Blackboard' Technique

When I took a class at my local stamp store a few weeks ago, I was so excited to learn a new technique from Karen Lockhart. The technique, which reminds me of a Blackboard, is simultaneously simple and challenging (I know - you're wondering how exactly can that be!).

Put simply, stamp your image with white ink (I used a white pigment ink here) onto black paper (try to find some smooth - this is on textured and I don't care for the look quite as much). Pull out your white pencil and start filling in the space. If you vary your amount of pencil put down, you will start to see your image really pop. Make a mistake with your white pencil? Go over it with black! (One of life's true A-HA! moments!) Your strokes are able to be seen very clearly and one of the largest challenges is knowing when to stop.

Once I was done laying down my white (can't truly say "color" here, can you?), I used my new Spellbinders Label One to cut it out. I layered it on top of some vanilla cardstock(I'm regretting the black dots around the border, though. Don't think I will do that next time.)

I then went to find some patterned paper to use to make my card front. I found these pieces of Foof-A-La that seemed to do the trick. Once I put it all together, though, the stark white was bothering me a bit. I decided to pull out my Ginger Root pencil to add a little off-white. It worked perfectly!

Here's a closer, less-cluttered look:

I've been playing around with this technique quite a bit lately and have other examples to show you in the coming days. LMK if you have any questions about it and I will do my best to answer them!

Be well.

P.S. - sorry if you're receiving this 2x through your reader service - I goofed on some code on the first one! Thanks!


catdidit said...

I absolutely LOVE this technique! I love your card too, awesome creation with the black and white dp too! Just beautiful!

Miki said...

Oohhh this is way too cool! I actually really like the way the texture looks on the chair. I really want to try this, so thanks for the tips!

Julia said...

What an amazing technique Jenn! I love it! And thanks for sharing...:-)

StamperSharon said...

Gorgeous black & white technique example, Jenn -- love your card!