Saturday, December 27, 2008


OK, stampers and paper crafters extradonaire! It's feedback time! I would really appreciate hearing your input about what the one thing you would love to see me change on my blog in the New Year. I'm hoping to make this a place where you want to stop by, so hearing what you would like to see will really help me with that. I will be putting some changes in place at the beginning of the year, so you have a little time to let me know (and if you don't want to leave a comment, just email me).

And if you're not sure if you would change anything, maybe you would take the time to answer one of these questions:
  • Do you like the supplies listed in the post or below it?
  • Can you read everything alright? Is anything too small? Too light?
  • How often do you like to see new posts? Daily (ambitious for me, but a goal is good!)? 3x a week?
  • Do you like to see the picture first?

Thanks a bunch - I appreciate your time in helping me improve! Be well.


denise said...

Thank you for your inspiration. I enjoy your blog very much.

I am so grateful to those that blog that I don't feel that I should be picky about how a blog is laid out. But, I enjoy seeing the photo first followed by the list of ingredients and then the "how to" put it together instructions. Of course, I love to see ideas every day but think that can burn out the person posting. So, whatever is a healthy balance for them is what they should do... I always feel so bad when I see a person have to say they have to quit because it has become to overwhelming. I feel that I have contributed to the demise.

Anyway, hope that this helps you out.

Again, thank you for your blog.

Lisa said...

The only question that I feel is important, to me, is where I like the supplies listed. I like them at the bottom. Thanks for asking!

~amy~ said...

I {heart} your blog...I love seeing supplies listed below..your text is perfect and daily postings would rock :)

liannallama said...

Oh, Jenn--your blog is beautiful and your projects inspire! Don't change a thing! I'm going to add you to my blogfeed because I keep missing you!

KATY826 said...

I love everything about your blog - don't change a thing! :)