Friday, January 30, 2009

Hope things are Peachy!

When I was a little girl, my dad used to call me 'Peaches' because they were my favorite fruit. I still love them, so you can imagine how much I love this Lockhart stamp. I wanted to use a fun sentiment for it, so I pulled out a couple sets of Alphabet stamps (Brayton from Just Rite and Simple Alpha from PTI). Once I layered them, I die cut the tag. I had already picked the patterned paper that I wanted to use, so it was all falling into place nicely. My stumbling block was trying to find the right brads for the tag...I didn't have the right color green, and I only had bright white (which looked horrible with off-white tag). Copic markers to the rescue! I colored the white brads to a green that was close enough to work on this card. (This tip works well on buttons and ribbon, too!)

The coloring on the peaches is the same technique I showed here last week. I chose three colors for the leaves/bowl and three colors for the peaches and went to work. I'm pleased with the way this one turned out! I hope that you like it too.

LMK if you have any questions. (I think that sometimes I skip over things that I think are basic, so seriously, if you have a question, just ask!) Be well.

Supply list:
Stamps: (Peaches)
Lockhart Stamp Company, (Brayton alphabet) Just Rite Stampers, (Simple Alphabet)Papertrey Ink
Cardstock: (Stampers Select) Papertrey Ink, (Classic Natural Linen) Neenah, (green) Bazzill
Patterned Paper: Memory Box
Dies: (Tags 5, Classic Ovals, Classic Scalloped Ovals)
Other: Copic marker, brads, machine stitching

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wee & Whimsical Wednesday

Welcome to the second Wee & Whimsical Wednesday. Every other Wednesday, I'm going to concentrate on an Inchie project. I've been seeing so many fun cherry products since the CHA peeks have started; those peeks inspired my post today - Cheery Cherries!

I started this card with a Black Inchie Square and the Lockhart Itty Bitty Cherry stamp. I love using the Blackboard Technique that I learned from Karen Lockhart, and these Black Inchie Squares are the perfect medium for it. Since they're 100% cotton, museum-quality matboard, they take the white ink beautifully. Once the white ink was dry (I speed up the process a little with my heat gun), I colored in the leaves and cherries with white pencil. With a white base, you can then layer color, allowing the vibrancy of the color to not fade into the black. Here, I used colored pencils for the leaves and Stickles for the cherries.

To finish off the Inchie Square, I took a white pen and wrote "Cheery Cherries" directly onto the black. (I used a Uniball Signo.) I love how Lisa Lee does this with her Inchies, so I had to give it a try. In my seemingly endless quest to rid the world of naked edges, I ran my white ink pad over the edges for the soft white edge that you see.

I picked a red Inchie Note card from the Holiday pack as my card base. I think these are great for quick little notes - and since they're 3.5" square, your Inchie masterpiece doesn't get lost in the landscape. The other brilliant part of these Note card packs is that they come with 4 Bar envelopes - so they're rectangular and you're not paying extra postage! The cards fit right inside and you save the additional cost for sending a square envelope - great combo, don't you think! I simply stamped the background with the IB Cherry and black ink and edged it with white. I then mounted the Inchie Square onto an Inchie paper, added a little ribbon and voila! The sweetest little card to make someone's day.

I hope this inspires you to create your own Inchie Note card! Last W&W Wednesday, a kind woman suggested doing these as challenges; I thought that sounded like a great idea, so should you decide to do so, please use keyword WWW01 at SCS or link back to your own blog in your comment! I can't wait to see what you create. Be well.

Inchie square, Inchie papers, Inchie Notes - Inchie Arts, LLC
Stamp: Itty Bitty Cherry - Lockhart Stamp Company
Ribbon: Pure Poppy Swiss Dots - Papertrey Ink

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Lockhart

When I first saw this Buttermilk Hen image that Karen Lockhart came out with, I just knew that I would have to add it to my collection. The details on it are so fun and precise that it makes coloring it a blast. I've also had a chicken wire background stamp in my stash for years now (remember, she who dies with the most stamps wins) - pairing it with this image was perfect.

My layout is from last week's SplitCoast Stampers' sketch challenge. You can find the sketch here. I opted to use octagons for the focal image because I thought it reflected the chicken wire background a bit better than any other shape that I had on hand.

I hope this sweet hen makes you smile as much as it does for me. Remember to come back tomorrow Wee & Whimsical Wednesday. Be well.

Stamps: (Buttermilk Hen, thanks a bunch)
Lockhart Stamp Company , (chicken wire background) Beeswax Rubber Stamps
Cardstock: (Stamper's Select, Kraft, Dark Chocolate)
Papertrey Ink
Patterned paper: Basic Grey
Dies: (Classic Octagons, Scalloped octagons, Petite Ovals, Petite Scalloped Ovals)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Feel Better Set

It's that time of year, isn't it? That time when everyone is down for the count, fending off what may seem inevitable or just recovering. I made this little set for just such an occasion.

I made the felt embellishments using my Wizard and (Spellbinders) Flower Creations 3 die set. I found that the wool felt cut so well with it; I did run it through my machine two times just to make sure, and snipped in a couple places, but the result is so far superior to what I would have accomplished freehand (trust me on that one!). I stitched along the edges by hand using the contrasting color and finished off the flower with a button in the center.

The tin is a 'nugget' tin from Papertrey Ink. I used a small glassine bag (also from PTI) to put some cough drops in, gathered some tea bags and packaged them inside the tin. I used PTI's Simple Alphabet for the labels.

I think this will be a great thing to have on hand for a neighbor or co-worker, and I will cross my fingers that all people around me actually have no need for it because they all stay healthy! Maybe it will inspire you to brighten someone's day, too. Be well.

Cardstock: (Vintage Cream, Dark Chocolate, Kraft)
Papertrey Ink
Die Cuts: (Flower Creations 3)
Spellbinders Paper Arts
Stamps: (Paper Tray, Polka Dot Basics)
Papertrey Ink
Ink: (Dark Chocolate)
Papertrey Ink
Wool felt:
Colonial Crafts
Glassine bag, Hinged Tin:
Papertrey Ink
Thread: GutermannPunch: (Threading Water) Fiskars

Thursday, January 22, 2009

How to blend with a Colorless Blender pencil

I'm delivering on my promise to share what I've learned about Prismacolor Colorless Blender pencils. I mentioned in an earlier post that this is the method that I prefer most for blending - and I love that I can do it anywhere that I can use a pencil.

This is a picture of the two types of pencils that are out there right now. I have to apologize, one for the photo (I took it with my phone) and two, my rudimentary Photoshop skills. :) But this shows relatively well what I look for when I am getting a colorless blender pencil - I'm looking for the one that is more of a tan translucent.

I was able to speak with Sanford (Prismacolor's parent company) last week. What great follow up they have! I called their 800#, sounding pretty much like a rubber stamper with no formal artistic training (hmm, wonder why?), and they took my questions seriously, forwarded it on to the correct person who called me back a few days later. She and I spoke for a little while regarding the two shades of colorless blender (which she was aware of) and their different capabilities (which she was not aware of). Essentially, the conversation ended with both of us agreeing to spend a bit more time with it to determine it a bit better. She did say, however, that she was not aware of any formulation changes and that the manufacturer was still the same (two questions I asked that seemed to be logical reasons behind the difference). I will keep you up-to-date if I hear back from her.

OK, knitty gritty: when I go to color an image, (like most of you, I expect) I pick the color that I want it to be. My next step may be a bit different, though, because I then determine three shades of that color, going from light to medium to 'dark'. For this example, I want to start by using pink and brown (step 1). For the pink, I want to then use seashell pink (light), blush pink (medium) and magenta (dark) - this is my Step 2. If I'm using a combination of colors that I haven't used before, I like to take a piece of scrap paper, or the back of the paper I'm using for my image, and play to see how they're going to react together.

When I use my blender pencil, I do use a fair amount of pressure. I start on the edge of my darker color and go in small circles, allowing the darker color to come into the lighter a bit. Since you're not using any liquid, this is a much different process than with watercolor pencils or Copic markers, and you will notice it right away. Truthfully, at the beginning, it may even seem more laborious. Once you get the hang of it, though, it isn't and due to that lack of liquid, I think you have more control. (I'm a recovering control freak - it's a constant battle, lol.)

Now you want to clean off your pencil tip. How? Simple, scribble off the color that you've picked up on the corner of your paper. This is really important in using this correctly.

Now, my Step 2 with the brown. I chose Ginger Root (light), Light Umber (medium), and Terra Cotta (dark). Again, take the time to determine how they're going to look together. Here you can also see that I see how a color looks by itself with the blender pencil, as well. I used the same circular motion, going from dark into light.

So far I've just shown you some not-so-fancy scribbling, and you're probably wondering how this really transfers to stamping, right? I knew that I wanted to show you an image that had a large area to color, as well as a small one so you could see how to apply this to both, so I chose the Teapot image from Lockhart Stamp Company. Here's how I colored it before the application of the blender pencil:

And using the technique I outlined above, here is what it looks like with the blender pencil:

Isn't that a wonderful difference? You get such great highlights and shadows - and remarkable control. The key here is to PLAY - experiment, see what you get when you use different colors, different pressures, different papers (I used Papertrey Ink's Stamper's Select on these examples). These steps are what work for me, and as you use them more, you will likely make your own discoveries (which I hope you will share with me!). Just remember, it's just paper and pencils, so don't be afraid to try different things. It's costing you pennies and time, so don't be afraid to spend a little extra to get a great look.

I hope this has been helpful for you! I would love if you wanted to link back your results. Be well.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sit back & relax!

I'm coming at you from my family room today, absorbing every minute of Inauguration coverage that I can, all while warm and comfy. It's really COLD here today, and the Metro (our subway) lines were unbelievably long (it was suggested to be there by 4am!). Needless to say, I'm thinking the BBC and CNN have much better views than I could ever hope to get. Having experienced the concert on Sunday, (with a fraction of the crowd!) this is the best option for us.

Today's card is 4 inches square, and features the Adirondack chair image from Lockhart Stamp Company. I wanted to give the chair a 'weathered wood' feel, so I started with an underlay of Prismacolor French Gray 30% and put a layer of Light Umber over it. I used my Labels One to create an aperature for this card, then again to cut out the image and layer some Scenic Route paper behind it. I put the sentiment around the aperature, creating a card that is a little out of the ordinary, but perfect for those occasions that you just want to say Hi!

I hope you have a fantastic day. Be well.

Stamps: (Adirondack Chair, Sit Back and Relax) Lockhart Stamp Company

Cardstock: (Stampers Select, Spring Moss) Papertrey Ink

Patterned Paper: Scenic Route

Die: (Labels One) Spellbinders Paper Arts

Other: Prismacolor pencils, PTI Spring Moss Satin Ribbon

Monday, January 19, 2009

January always means spring releases within the craft industry, and this year looks like so much fun! A Muse Art Stamps has an adorable new stamp release called Sweet Shop. I picked up these two at my stamp store recently and finally put it to fun use! Here, I made the milkshakes chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. And just to add a little detail, I added Liquid Applique for whipped cream, stickles for the cherry on top and Glossy Accents to make the glasses look like, well, glass. (A total creative stretch, I know!) ;) Here's a closer look:

Our family went to the Inauguration Celebration Concert yesterday and had such a GREAT time! The energy was just amazing and I came away with such a sense of optimism. Hundreds of thousands of people standing in the cold, happy to be experiencing history in the making. I saw the replay on tv last night, and it was great, but it never gave you a sense of truly how many people were there. We were back towards the Washington Monument and it was still wall-to-wall people! The tv cameras never even panned down that far! Here is a pic that Ward took on top of a jersey barrier; the boys and I are facing the WWII memorial, which is still several city blocks beyond the Lincoln Memorial - and look at the throngs behind us! It was truly inspiring!

OK, I've babbled on for long enough! I hope you kept warm this weekend and I hope that you enjoy watching history unfold tomorrow. Be well.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Blackboard technique, a How-To

I know that once you see just how simple this technique is, you're going to be trying it out for yourself. I'm using cardstock from Cardstock Warehouse in these samples, and it is slightly textured, so that is the reason it looks a bit fabric-like. (I'm looking forward to getting some PTI black to give that a try - I'm sure it will be fantastic, too.) Lockhart stamps are wonderful for this technique, thanks to their area that you can color.

First step, and this sounds like a no-brainer, but sharpen your white pencil. Second, stamp your image with your favorite white ink. If it is a pigment ink, you may want to let it dry overnight or heat set it.

Once your ink is dry, take your pencil and start going along the lines of the stamped image. If it's curved, curve with it; if it's straight, follow along that. This cupcake is a great combination of curves and straight:

Notice how I didn't make my colored lines solid in all areas. I like to leave some black showing along the stamped image to make sure I don't lose it with all the white. Next, go back over some of your lines that you would like to be more white. Lay down your first line of color slightly within that first colored region.

See how you're starting to see some dimension forming? The great thing about this technique is you don't need to be pushing hard on your pencil, you can layer your strokes to make it a stronger line. Just put another layer on until you like the way that it looks.

Here's my finished image. The hardest thing about this technique for me is deciding when to stop! You'll see what I mean in a minute.

So here it is with the Robe Image. It's the same process here, first, stay pretty close to the lines.

Second, add in a little more:

And third, figure out where to stop! Here, I went a little too far (not too happy with it, but wanted to show you what I meant about knowing when to stop, lol).

So now you know just how easy this really is AND you should try it! I would love to see your results, so if you get a chance, email or leave a comment with your link!

Be well,

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I think my stamp store owner must love me. See, I only live three miles away, and in good weather, I can even ride my cute pink scooter there (you know, stamps fit very nicely in the compact storage areas on a scooter!). I saw this stamp, oh, maybe three times in her store, until I went back specifically for it. I have nothing like this in my collection, and for some reason, I love it - had to have it. And I have nothing that I really had in mind for it. THIS is why my stamp store owner loves me. ;)

I usually try to check in with the weekly sketch challenge at SplitCoast Stampers, but I don't always make the time to do it. This week's sketch was so much fun, though, that I had to whip it up! This is a really unusual color combo for me, but I think I like it! My mom is going to cringe when she sees this, though - plain buttons irk her (me too, to be truthful), but I didn't have a lavender thread/DMC floss, so here they sit, bare. C'est la vie!

Check out the sketch if you'd like to try something fun. Be well!

Supply List:
Cardstock: (Stampers Select, Summer Sunrise) Papertrey Ink, Lavender Shimmer (Cardstock Warehouse)
Stamps: (girl with tulip) American Art Stamps, (Stitched Background) Stampin' Up
Die: (Mega Curved Rectangles) Spellbinders Paper Arts
Other: white embossing powder, Prismacolor pencils

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wee & Whimsical Wednesday

Fun news - I'm joining the talented teams at Lockhart Stamp Company and Inchie Arts, LLC! You all know how much I love those two companies, so it is such a joy to join them. Wee & Whimsical Wednesdays will be the days when I create something fun with Inchies (and I couldn't resist the alliteration!). I hope you will appreciate seeing the Inchies as much as I enjoy making them!

I have to give you a little background on this card - there is a grocery store chain here on the East Coast that started in Western New York, and whenever I go there, I always come across some food item that I loved growing up. Well, the other day I came across a brand of ice cream (Perry's, if you're from the area)that had a jingle in their commercials using the old familiar "I scream, you scream...". When I saw the ice cream, the jingle popped into my head immediately! Do you find that when you have something in your head like a jingle, the only way to get rid of it is to pass it on? (Gosh, I hope that happens to someone other than me!) So, anyways, I called my husband right there from the grocery aisle and started singing it as soon as he picked up. Thank goodness he didn't commit me to the loony bin and he laughed right along.

Well, when I got home, I knew I had to make an ice cream card! I used a Black Inchie Square as my starting point. Next, I stamped and colored the Itty Bitty Ice Cream Cone from Lockhart Stamp Company; I cut it out and adhered it on the Inchie Square. To finish it off, I used a little white acrylic paint to edge the Inchie Square and covered the image in Glossy Accents.

You might remember that I showed you how to create your own journaling label on this post. I used it for this card, and created the sentiment with some alphabet stamps (Brayton font from Just Rite). I opted to go with black with all of this to really accentuate the Inchie, but knew I still needed a splash of color. I used ribbon to create the background & love the way it turned out! (It reminds me of ice cream in a cooler at an old-fashioned ice cream parlor.)

I hope you enjoy it! (And if you're from Buffalo, I'm sorry for getting the jingle stuck in your head!) Be well.

Supply List:

Black Inchie Square: Inchie Arts, LLC

Stamps: (IB Ice Cream) Lockhart Stamp Company, (Brayton Font) Just Rite Stampers, (Lined Paper) Cornish Heritage Farms

Ribbon: (Swiss Dot, various colors) Papertrey Ink

Die Cuts: (Labels One) Spellbinders Paper Arts

Colored Pencils: Prismacolors

Other: acrylic paint, (Glossy Accents) Ranger

Monday, January 12, 2009

Thank you so much!

I can't thank you all enough for stopping by for the Blog Frenzy yesterday! I am so touched by your comments and kind words! Remember, you have until midnight tonight to enter.

A few people asked about paper clay, not knowing what it was, etc. I wanted to let you know that I used Delight for this project, and it is available in the clay section of Michaels. One package is enough for a project like this. Here's what it looks like (because I'm a visual learner, myself!):

Don't forget to stop by Sharon Harnist's blog today to see all the beauty she has created.

I hope that this answers some of your clay questions! Be well,

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Spellbinders Blog Frenzy

WOW – have you been enjoying the Spellbinders Blog Frenzy as much as I have? The creativity of the Spellbinders team amazes me! In case you’re just joining the Blog Frenzy, we are celebrating! Spellbinders is celebrating their 5 year anniversary by sharing 16 days of sneak peeks, with LOTS of drawings for dies!! Today there will be a drawing for the die I am showing you and the previously revealed dies during the Spellbinders 5 Year Anniversary celebration. Each day an additional die is added to the daily giveaway list for a grand total of 16 dies on the 16th day of reveals!

You’ll have until 11:59 pm CST on January 11thth to visit Becca Feeken's blog to enter yesterday’s give-away.

Commenting on this post is welcome but does not enter you into the contest. This contest is sponsored directly by Spellbinders Paper Arts. Please read the post to find directions for entering the contest. If you have questions about the contest, please e-mail:

The rest of the Blog Frenzy will be seen on these blogs – I know you won’t want to miss what’s to come!

Jan. 12 Sharon Harnist, Paperfections

Jan. 13 Jeni Calkins, Studio Jeni

Jan. 14 Wendy Weixler, Wickedly Wonderful Creations

Jan. 15 Beth Pingry, Beth Ping

Jan. 16 Keri Lee Sereika, Pink Lemonade

Jan. 17 Sally Lynn MacDonald, Inky Heart

Jan. 18 Donya Schroeder, Puckish

Jan. 19 Linda Duke, Linda's Works of Heart

Jan. 20 Trudee Sauer, Trudee's Blog


So I guess that brings us to why you came here today – to see what I get to reveal! I have to preface this by saying that this is the die template set that I was longing for, and didn’t even realize it! It is what was missing from my collection, and will be my go-to in this style for many years to come. It’s a classic in the making! Without further ado…may I introduce S4 – 192 BLOSSOM.

BLOSSOM (S4 – 192) is the perfect die cut flower! The smallest die template measures just about 7/8” in diameter, while the largest is about 3 6/8” in diameter. Since there are six die templates, there is always the perfect size at your fingertips.

When I first saw Blossom (S4 -192), I knew I wanted to do something out of the ordinary with it. You can see just by looking at it how perfect it will be on cards and scrapbook pages, but can’t you just start imagining all the potential it has for other projects?

My sweet five year old niece was my inspiration for this project. The girl is a glitter princess – and she loves little places to hide her treasures! What could be more fun than transforming a plain paper mache box to a treasure box!

I started with some paper clay (did you know you could flatten clay with your Wizard?). After flattening it and letting it dry overnight, I dove into the fun.

I tore a piece of paper clay to slightly larger than my largest Blossom die template. Simply place the clay over the die template as you would with paper. I usually cut the paper clay three times since it is thicker than cardstock, but it comes out looking like this:

Looks like fun already, doesn’t it? It’s like a blank canvas waiting to be transformed! My next step was to add color. I pulled out my airbrush system for a more consistent coverage.

Now we’re getting somewhere! The next step is to line up all the die templates in the set on your magnetic mat. (The magnetic mat makes this step very easy, but if you don’t have one with your die cutting system, you can improvise with a little repositionable tape.)

Next, place the clay (colored side down) onto the die templates. You will send it through the Wizard just once this time for an embossed effect. There’s no need for your tan embossing mat with the paper clay due to the added thickness.

What you get looks like this:

Isn’t that cool? I love the effects you get with paper clay! Now to make it a bit more dimensional – you need to grab your bone folder and score/slightly fold from the back side. Do this along the petal lines that you embossed.

Once you’ve done it all the way around your Blossom (S4 – 192) creation, start pinching those lines towards each other.

You now will have something that looks like this:

At this point, I took my marker back over the white crease lines that developed – it’s a quick and easy way to cover up the white marks that show up with this technique.

I wanted to make some matching clay flowers with the smaller sizes. Once again, I passed my clay through my Wizard three times to cut through the thicker clay.

I knew that I needed some silver to match the silver paper that I used to cover the box, so I looked around my coloring mediums to find what I wanted to use. I pulled out some glitter spray and sprayed the middle Blossom (S4 -192). They took two coats, and I allowed it to dry in between coats.

I colored the smallest Blossoms with a two step process, first with my purple markers, then with glitter. To get a consistent adhesive finish, I passed the colored Blossoms through my adhesive machine face down. When I sprinkled my glitter, it had the perfect coverage.

Now that my pieces are nearly finished, I started layering with pop-up adhesives. I used some glitter glue to finish embellishing them in blingy style. I used my Blossom (S4 -192) die templates once again to cut some purple cardstock to layer under the clay pieces for subtle dimension.

I realize paper clay may be a little further than some crafters want to take their work, so how about a look at a more traditional use? Here I layered coordinating papers and used a rhinestone brad to put it together for a fun, whimsical embellishment on this birthday card.

There are many attributes of Spellbinders Paper Arts products that I love, but one of the biggest has to be the versatility. There are a few videos on that show you step-by-step how to use other brands with Spellbinders products. You can find them at this link: Spellbinders Videos.

Now, for all the details on the BIG CONTEST!

Spellbinders 5 Year Anniversary Celebration
Sneak Peek Party Drawing Information

Spellbinders will randomly pick one entry from each of the 16 Spellbinders Sneak Peek Blog reveals as stated in the “Rules”. This name will be drawn to receive the die being revealed and any other dies listed as a part of said blog give-away. These entries must follow all rules stated below to be valid for the drawing.
Entrants visiting all 16 Spellbinders 5 Year Anniversary Celebration Sneak Peeks Blog reveals and correctly entering their information into the 16 separate drawings, as described below, will automatically be entered into a GRAND PRIZE give away of a full set of all 28 NEW RELEASE dies debuting at the Winter Craft and Hobby Association Show in Anaheim, California, on January 25-28, 2009!


Any participant wishing to be included in the daily drawing for the Spellbinders Birthday Celebration Sneak Peek die give away must adhere to all of the following rules:
1. Participant must click on the provided link on Reveal blog to enter each individual drawing on sneak peeks between January 5 and January 20, 2009.
2. Participant must type in the subject line the name of the die being revealed.
3. Participant must send their entry for this blog before 12:00 midnight Central Standard Time on January 12, 2009.
4. Participant is only allowed to enter each of the 16 Spellbinders sneak peek blog give away drawings one time per sneak peek. Participant must use the same email address daily to be considered for grand prize entry, no exceptions. Please consider whether you will have access to the same e-mail address from January 5th through the 20th and plan accordingly.
5. Spellbinders Design Team members and employees are not eligible for drawings.
Any participant wishing to be automatically entered into the drawing for the Spellbinders 5 Year Anniversary Celebration Sneak Peek Grand Prize drawing, must enter the drawing from all of the 16 blog reveals and follow all the above rules.
Please note:

*Spellbinders will only use email information to contact the winner.

*Spellbinders will not share this email address with any other parties.

*Spellbinders will not use this email information for advertisements or communications
other than to contact the winner.

*If you wish to be included in further communications from Spellbinders, please go to their homepage at and sign up for their newsletter.

To enter the Spellbinders 5 year anniversary drawing, click here.

(If you use an e-mail client that does not work with this pop-up box, you may copy and paste this address to send your entry to: )

If you have questions regarding the contest in general, please send an e-mail to

For more Spellbinders product release information to to www.SpellbindersPaperArts.Com

Thanks for stopping by today for the Blog Frenzy fun! I hope I’ve inspired you to try something a little different with your Spellbinders die templates – and that I’ve whet your appetite for the great Blossom (S4 – 192) Die Template set. Good luck!