Monday, January 19, 2009

January always means spring releases within the craft industry, and this year looks like so much fun! A Muse Art Stamps has an adorable new stamp release called Sweet Shop. I picked up these two at my stamp store recently and finally put it to fun use! Here, I made the milkshakes chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. And just to add a little detail, I added Liquid Applique for whipped cream, stickles for the cherry on top and Glossy Accents to make the glasses look like, well, glass. (A total creative stretch, I know!) ;) Here's a closer look:

Our family went to the Inauguration Celebration Concert yesterday and had such a GREAT time! The energy was just amazing and I came away with such a sense of optimism. Hundreds of thousands of people standing in the cold, happy to be experiencing history in the making. I saw the replay on tv last night, and it was great, but it never gave you a sense of truly how many people were there. We were back towards the Washington Monument and it was still wall-to-wall people! The tv cameras never even panned down that far! Here is a pic that Ward took on top of a jersey barrier; the boys and I are facing the WWII memorial, which is still several city blocks beyond the Lincoln Memorial - and look at the throngs behind us! It was truly inspiring!

OK, I've babbled on for long enough! I hope you kept warm this weekend and I hope that you enjoy watching history unfold tomorrow. Be well.


JulieHRR said...

LOL! Hey, it doesn't have to be a creative stretch to be cute and effective, girl! *wink* I think this is adorable!!!

simplycaffeinated said...

This is a beautiful card! I love it!! Thanks so much for playing along with the A Muse Lounge challenge! And that is so cool that you got to go to the Concert! :)

Lisa said...

Your card is beautiful and your touches were not a stretch at all. They look great!! How cool is it that you got to be a part of history as it took place!!

Sarah said...

Your card has given me a serious craving for a strawberry shake!

And the sentiment is the sweetest part!!!

How amazing it is to be in DC at a time like this!!! I'm only a little jealous... :-)

liannallama said...

how neat that you could be there! Great shot! Love your latest cards!