Monday, January 12, 2009

Thank you so much!

I can't thank you all enough for stopping by for the Blog Frenzy yesterday! I am so touched by your comments and kind words! Remember, you have until midnight tonight to enter.

A few people asked about paper clay, not knowing what it was, etc. I wanted to let you know that I used Delight for this project, and it is available in the clay section of Michaels. One package is enough for a project like this. Here's what it looks like (because I'm a visual learner, myself!):

Don't forget to stop by Sharon Harnist's blog today to see all the beauty she has created.

I hope that this answers some of your clay questions! Be well,


Jen said...

thank you. I was wondering about this also. Now I know exactly what to LOOK for :o)

Norine said...

I love paper clay but never thought you could cut it like you did how creative thanks going to give it a try

Valita said...

hi there! That looks like the same stuff we used in Pam's class at Silver Bella 2007. That was so much fun to play with!