Tuesday, April 21, 2009

...bring May Flowers

This Sweet Pea image from Lockhart Stamp Company is one that I just love to color. The last time I colored it, I used my Prismacolors, but I switched to my Copics for this one. I love using both mediums, but find that when I want to color something a bit more quickly, I turn to my Copics. They're better suited for this vibrant Amy Butler paper, in my mind, too. (That's the biggest delineation in my mind between Prismacolor pencils and Copic markers - the Prismacolors give you a softer look, while the Copics are more bold, more vibrant. I think both are wonderful mediums and am glad to have both in my crafting arsenal!)

So, even though it isn't quite May yet, I couldn't resist following up yesterday's umbrella shoe post with a little bit of flowers. I promise, no pilgrims tomorrow! (Remember the old kids' joke? April showers bring May flowers, but what do May flowers bring?) Be well.


Sharon Harnist said...

Well, I always said those May flowers brought June bugs (bwahaha)! Anyway, your coloring and Sweet Pea card are wonderful, Jenn . . . beautiful image, isn't it?

Karen said...

What a sweet, colorful, fun card! The first thing I thought about Before I read the post was the April Showers bring May Flowers saying. :>

Anabelle said...

Beautiful!! I just love the colors on this. Hey, I hear Al and John finally met. Too funny. ;)

Eileen Hull said...

So pretty... the vibrant background really draws your eyes into the middle of the card and your beautiful coloring job :-) Never heard that about the June
bugs... ewww. Give me cold weather-I am a Northern girl.