Monday, June 29, 2009

Have a seat!

One of the things that draws me most to Lockhart Stamps is the great way Karen does variation on a theme. Her chairs are so wonderful - they just make you want to set one or two out on the lawn and tickle your toes in the grass. This adirondack chair has great detail, too - just look at the cutout on the back. For this one, I pulled out my Copic markers; I wanted to give the chair a look of a sun-kissed blue chair. I also played with my airbrush system for the sky and grass. I added some stitching to my Paper Salon papers (sob - I miss Paper Salon!) for a more textured-look.

I also wanted to point out the sweet flowerpot in the stamped image; I know I've mentioned before how much I like the challenge of coloring a good terra cotta pot, and this one definitely falls into that category.

We ran away from home for a little last week; we accompanied Ward to a business conference in Winston-Salem NC. It was really fun for me, because I hadn't been back to North Carolina since I moved away 25 years ago. We stayed at this beautiful conference center, called Graylyn:

I took Wally and the Beav to Old Salem one day while Ward was in the conference. We went to all the places that I had been when I was their age and even ate at the bakery that I still remember to this day! (Anyone ever had Moravian Spice Cookies? YUM!)

One afternoon when the conference finished early, we drove to my old hometown, Concord. We went to my old house, and quite surprisingly, the owner was outside mowing the lawn; ends up this is the man who bought the house from my parents in 1984! He took Ward and I through the house, and unbelievably, there was very little that had changed! My younger brother's room had different wallpaper, but otherwise, EVERY room was the same. It brought tons of memories flooding back, things I didn't even realize I would remember. It was really something else!

So that was my trip down memory lane last week - thanks for indulging me while I shared! Oh, I also wanted to tell you that Karen Lockhart released a few new images last week that are just darling! Ellen Hutson has them in stock already, so you can take a peek at them there!

Be well,


Eileen Hull said...

Oh I love that you got to see your old house, and the boys got to see too! That conference center is amazing! How did your class go at GASC?

liannallama said...

What a neat little trip! Thanks for taking us with you! How neat to visit your childhood home and what a treat to see inside again. I always have dreams about mine for some reason.

Joan said...

What a great story. Your house is stunning!!! And the card is so cute. Love that little chair!

Sharon Harnist said...

Wonderful coloring on the chair image, Jenn -- both the chair and flowerpot look perfectly worn and charming! What a fabulous conference center you got to stay at in NC and your old house is wonderful -- glad you got to visit and take a peek inside!

Erin Bigler said...

OMG, Jenn, were you ever lucky to grow up in such an AWESOME house. I grew up in an old farmhouse, which my parents have lovingly restored, but it took YEARS and YEARS, and as a teenager it was quite the embarrassment everyday when the schoolbus came by...:-). This is just beautiful, and I want a place just like it when I'm an old lady and living by the sea! Thanks for sharing!