Monday, August 31, 2009

Summer Harvest Weath

Have you noticed how the days are getting shorter? And at least here in Virginia, I'm starting to notice the breeze is a bit cooler in the evenings, too. That can only mean that summer is winding down, but I really don't mind much. I love the end of summer harvest; there are so many yummies at the farmer's market this time of year, don't you think? I remembered this image from Karen Lockhart when I was walking back from the market last week. I had to color it right up as it seemed so timely! Here, I made quick work of it with Copics, but it is equally beautiful when colored with Prismacolor pencils. However you decide to color it, it is perfect for this time of year! I must have been in a very 'green' state of mind, walking home, carrying my tote bag filled with local produce, because I paired it up with some green gingham paper (A Muse) and green cardstock and ribbon (PTI). The stamp is full of such beautiful detail that I really wanted it to stand out, so the rest of the card is very simple. I don't want anything competing with my Lockhart image!

This has me already thinking about what goodies I will find at the farmer's market this week! YUM! Have a great Monday. Be well,

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