Friday, September 4, 2009

All the friends along the way

I've been playing with my Copics a bit this week, mainly because I finally got up the moxie to commandeer my husband's small compressor to bring into my craft room. What I didn't realize was that he'd be quite so enthusiastic about it! Last week when I declared this seizure, he counter-declared that I needed to go to the car parts store and/or the hardware store for the proper fitting. Seemed like a simple enough task, but I came up empty-handed. He went out at lunch the next day to a paint store and a car-painting shop...again, no luck. Then I came up with a relatively brilliant idea to take a little road trip to our nearest Harbor Freight...whoa nelly! It's been quite a while since he's been so excited about one of my road trip ideas (and coincidentally, I was on the phone with my Dad just before we were leaving; he was equally excited when I mentioned the game plan for the morning. I'm relatively certain Freud would have had a field day with this tidbit.)

My plan met with success - we found a proper fitting as well as a great braided hose! Now MY (yes, my! LOL) compressor is outfitted to use with my Copic airbrush system, and I'm coloring backgrounds like crazy. The above card is one such experiment/creation - isn't that fun? The image is from My Favorite Things; the set is called Tea for Two and is just adorable. I used a little Liquid Applique on the bunny's tail, in case you're wondering how I got it to look that way.

So, do you have a story of raiding your husband's tools? Oh, and before anyone cries FOUL in defense of my accomodating husband, I should actually let you know that I just took his little compressor - he has a large one that most men would dance in tap shoes for. (Anyone else have the chorus of Evita's "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" running through their heads?!) So share your tool raiding stories! I love this stuff - and we need to show mine that I'm not the only tool-savvy crafter out there!

Have a great holiday weekend! Be well,


Laura said...

You have a compressor in your room now?! Seriously, I am moving in!

liannallama said...

I can't help you with any tool stories--we live in a small condo and have very little in the way of tools!

But I love your card! Those bunnies are adorable and the air-brushing is the perfect touch!

Norine said...

now how adorable is this love it

helen said...

hmm appart from the wire cutters to cut the wire for the binding thingamajig i have not needed any of husbands tools for crafting although he often pinches my crafting stuff for his diy

Love the bunnies in the tea cup :)

Linda Beeson said...

I think this has to be the cutest card I have seen you create! How just plain adorable and good for you on the score of the compressor! I just took a Copic class and LOVED it.

Sherry Wright said...

What an adorable card Jenn! Have fun with your new "tool" ;) btw, your craft room is gorgeous!! :)

Deb C said...

When I was assembling all my JetMax storage cubes, I took my husband's drill with the screwdriver bits. And I never gave it back. :-D

Now I did buy him the 18 volt version that he'd been wanting to take the place of this little 14.4 volt version that I took, so all is well with my marriage.

And he does have about 5 compressors.....hmmmmm.....maybe it's time to raid his stash again. LOL~

Melissa said...

This is so great--what a wonderful and helpful husband you have! I don't have any tool stories--I use the tools most often at my house, and I doesn't happen much!!

Your card is adorable! Love those little bunnies!

Julia said...

You are too funny girl! No tool swamping stories just that Scott went one day to get an air compressor..I expected a little bike one..and came home with this huge 4 foot thing that when you turn in the whole neighborhood can hear running!LOL Men! Love the bunny card! Had to tell you!!!