Monday, December 14, 2009

Lovely Lockharts!

Paper cones are such a fun decoration, especially during the holidays. This one went together quite quickly, too, once my Lockhart image was colored. I simply used some text-weight silver shimmer paper that I picked up at Paper Source to wrap around the base, then added some lace and pom pom trim. (I used Glue Arts Ribbon Adhesive on this - I wanted to make sure that the lace stuck to the shimmer paper and that the pom pom trim stuck to the lace. This adhesive was the perfect choice!) See what I mean - it went together pretty quickly!

So last week on this post, I alluded to coloring a certain way and layering color. I thought this Snow Tree with Birds image was a great one to show you more specifically what I was talking about. (All colors are Prismacolor pencils unless otherwise noted.)

First, I start with a light layer:

Then choose analogous colors in a slightly darker shade, but be sure to leave some of the light layer coming through as highlights:

Then finish off with your third layer, pulling in either a darker color for shadows or the 'finishing touch':

I hope that you find this helpful for your own coloring! I think if you give it a try with your own images, you will be really pleased with the results. Be well!


Linda Beeson said...

How neat to see the progression of your coloring! Wonderful project.

Eileen Hull said...

Cool Jenn! Now how did you get that to stand up???

liannallama said...

Bee-U-Tiful! I always love your project! Thanks for the coloring lesson!