Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wee & Whimsical Wednesday

Guess what I'm really behind on? So much so that when I was up in the middle of the night last night, this card layout came to me!

For today's Wee & Whimsical Wednesday, I pulled out a new Twinchie from Inchie Arts and wallpapered it with this cute patterned paper (Frond Collection from Memory Box). This is a GREAT technique with Inchies, Inchie + and Twinchies - so easy and fast! It's a fantastic way to add instant depth to your project, too.

I used Prismacolor pencils in the same colors as my patterned paper to color the fun, new Laundry Basket image from Lockhart Stamp Company. I always laugh when I see the new images because sometimes, like with this stamp, it's like Karen is inside my head! Once my image was colored, I cut it out and placed it on top of the wallpapered Twinchie. I placed the sentiment like this because I wanted the feeling of the never-ending cycle to come through clearly. (hmmm, you're starting to get a strong understanding of my feelings on this task, aren't you?)

Which reminds me - I need to switch the loads...wash, dry, fold, repeat...

Have a great day! Be well.


Cheryl said...

You've just documented my life on a card...:) It is really very cute.

Jeanne said...

Absolutely priceless!!!!!!!! I know how you feel. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

liannallama said...

so cute and I know the feeling! Love the homey warm look of the card!