Monday, March 8, 2010

Thanks a bunch!

I was at dinner with some friends the other night and I was explaining about my blog a little. It's funny, because I don't talk about it in my non-cyber life because it's a little obscure to the lay person. (It's one of those things that people ask "What do you do?" but aren't really sure of wanting to hear the answer. You know the type of question - like "How are you?", you always just expect the answer to be some variation of 'Good!'.)

So the other night, when I was seated next to someone I had just met, he and I got to talking about this exact thing - and he was actually interested! I got to tell him about how much I LOVE what I do, and how every day is really a pretty great day because I love my job so much. Now granted, my job is pretty much all over the place, from the creative, designing side to the business side - but that's me in a nutshell, too. I guess that is probably why I enjoy my days so much - and why I think I'm so fortunate.

I chose this Lockhart gumball image under the influence of that uplifting conversation, I guess because I was all smiles and this image always makes me smile. After all, doesn't the thought of a gumball machine just take you back to being a kid, hoping that your mom was going to pass a couple of coins your way? You remember - before the days of worrying about calories or dental work or any of that grownup stuff. Ahhh, see? You're smiling too! :)

I hope you take a little time to create something that makes you smile today! You deserve it! Be well.

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Anabelle said...

This card is adorable. So bright and fun! And I totally get what you mean. My IRL friends just don't 'get' it. I think that's one of the reasons I love going to CHA. Everyone there is on the same wavelength as me!! Hope you're enjoying this wonderful weather as much as we are. ;)