Monday, September 27, 2010

I think it's fall...

Welcome to the work week, was your weekend? We had a great one - chock full o' fun activities with great friends. Just one of those weekends that you really don't want to end, you know?

I did manage to squeeze in a little stamping & coloring. Given that I woke up Sunday before the sun came up wondering how exactly I was quite so sunburned from Saturday, I opted to color a beautiful autumn Lockhart image. (I feel like the lil' engine that could - "I think it's fall, I think it's fall")

There is SO much detail in this fall window that I really didn't trust myself with Copics, so this is all done with my Prismacolor pencils. They're my medium of choice in a situation where I need total control. They make this window come alive with color, coming close to doing justice to Karen Lockhart's fantastic illustrations.

Are you looking forward to fall? It was a scorcher on Saturday (mid 90s! Hence the sunburn...) so I think I'm really ready. ;) I hope you have a wonderful day! Be well.

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see mary stamp said...

Beautiful card! Fall is my favorite time of year. While the sun was blazing by you, it was a beautiful fall day in the Chicago area, with temperatures dipping into the 40's at night. Hope the autumn weather reaches you soon.