Monday, February 7, 2011

New Lockhart Teddy Bear

We have a special friend in our house...his name is Daddy Bear. He came to live with us the day that Beav was born. See, on the first day that Wally came to delight our lives, my husband left the hospital for a while. It had been a long night, and he said he was going to go home and take a shower and pick up a couple of things that I'd forgotten. When he came back, he had an ENORMOUS baseball glove (sadly, it doesn't look so enormous any more) and a sweet stuffed bear. Wally never really got to bond with the bear, because my husband, with all of his naivete, picked a bear with button eyes and other various chocking hazards.

Fast forward 18 months later, when Beav came to capture our hearts, and there was a repeat of super-daddiness, but this time, he'd learned a bunch about picking a child-safe bear. Daddy Bear, as he came known as, went everywhere with us. His grey fluffiness was a comfort for many years and was that object that caused immense panic when he couldn't be located. He traveled all over Europe, to Thailand and to Hong Kong (that bear is very well-traveled and even has his own backpack thanks to one of my dear friends). Sadly, Daddy Bear has faded into the background in Beav's life over the last couple of years, but he still holds a special place in our family.

When Karen Lockhart showed me this delightful Bennie Bear, I just knew I would be recreating it into Daddy Bear. I grabbed my French Grey Prismacolor pencils, and started coloring. Beav took a look at it and declared him Daddy Bear, so I think I got it right! I opted to use blue and orange for his sweater because those are Beav's favorite colors; it was a fun way for Beav to know this was just for him.

Here's a closeup of the cute lil' guy. I didn't use anything special for blending the colors. I actually just used the pencils themselves, using a similar layering that you would do with Copics. I started with a light grey (French Grey 10%) and colored the whole area. I then went in a did the edges and corners with a darker (French Grey 70%), came back and added a bit of French Grey 50% along those areas, then finished it off with French Gray 30%, using circular motions to blend the dark areas into the light. The result is a nice shaded look. I prefer my pencils in smaller areas like this over my Copics because you can get a much more controlled look; it makes staying in the lines so much easier.

One thing that I haven't mentioned (at least in recent memory) is that I like having a black fine-tip pen nearby when I'm coloring. I tend to reach for my Copic Multiliner 0.3 most. When I go over an area with the colored pencils, it can dull the black ink a bit (for example, I colored over the facial features of the bear and they looked washed out). When this happens, I like to go back with my Multiliner and go back over the areas that look faded. It can really bring a washed-out image back to life effectively.

If you haven't seen the latest Lockhart Stamps, take a peek at the Lockhart homepage. They're so beautiful, and there are some new & different images for spring. (The Ducks In A Row is my absolute favorite! I say that all the time and pretty much live by that, so you'll be seeing it soon!)

Have a wonderful day and thanks for reminiscing about Daddy Bear with me. Be well.


Ted said...

Jenn, this is a very sweet story about a beloved friend. :) I have had "Teddy" since I think I was 5 years old? He's probably older than you! ;) Anyway, thanks for sharing.

I love how soft you made "Daddy Bear" here... the blue and orange combination is great. Is your son a Broncos fan? :)

Take care!

Sue Ann said...

I am trying not to cry as I read your story and relate it to my Anton ~~ Could there be a movie more true then Toy Story 3 ?? i laughed and cried because one day I think doggie might be pushed to the back too :( When I bought doggie I bought 3 and I have been saved more then once and now that he does not hide them anymore he sleeps with all 3. And now I am going to go wipe my eyes......

I adore the colors together ..... hope to see you in March Jenn!!!