Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pretty Pink Heart

This week has completely gotten away from me! I meant to get this sweet Lace Heart from Lockhart Stamp Company posted earlier this week, but here it is now. No time like the present, right?

This is one of the latest Lockhart beauties, colored with Prismacolors. I cut it out around the edges and popped it up on some foam tape to have it pop right out at you. I was quite relaxed coloring this - there is something so soothing about sitting down to color. (I think it's that you sit down and focus on something that has nothing to do with the day's problems; cheap therapy!)

The color combination of pink & green was inspired by a funny conversation I had last Friday night. Some people from Ward's office had joined us for dinner, including one his younger staff members. A song came on the radio that was so quinessentially 80s, that four of us started singing along. The other two, it dawned on me, probably weren't born when the song came out! We asked them (one was born - still in diapers!- and the other wasn't)and it prompted one of them to ask what my friend and me how high our hair was in the 80s. (Funny, right?) I had to tell him that because my hair has always been so stick-straight, I could never get it high - it would always fall flat. He continued to ask what I was like, and it got me thinking about all things preppy...which led to this inspired pink & green combination. ;) You just never know when inspiration is going to strike!

I had a chance to meet some serious Lockhart fans at Angela's Happy Stamper this week on Tuesday. We had fun using a Lockhart stamp for paper piecing, then looked through the Lockhart catalog together. It is so fun to meet fellow Lockhart lovers in person!

I hope you find inspiration in an unexpected place today. Be well!


Sue Ann said...

ALWAYS beautiful!!! Love the colors ~~ pink and green.... perfect!!!

Sara Mac said...

Jenn this is such a sweet card. I don't think I could have colored that lace heart for anything. Looks so detailed. I love the story of your color inspiration!

Irene said...

Beautiful card! Amazing job coloring the heart!

Karen said...

Wow Jen!! I just read you coloured that heart with prismacolours - its BEAUTIFUL! I have a whole complete set of those pencils and I can't colour nicely to save myself. Any tips?


Eileen Hull said...

So pretty Jenn! Love the colors- reminds me of the stocking charm you got at the Barn Sale :-) Sorry I have been out of touch- between CHA, wedding and Ray coming the time has gotten away from me. Hope you are well! ttys