Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring means Ducks in A Row!

Does spring bring new ducks to your house? Not the quacking kind, but all those little issues to keep in a row? It does here, that's for sure! That's why when I saw Karen Lockhart's new Ducks stamp and coordinating sentiment, I fell in love. Whenever I refer to laundry list of to-do's, I have always referred to it as the ducks I need to get in a row - and when something falls between the cracks, it is the duck that left the row. My mom and dad visited last week, and it was when my husband was away at a conference, and Wally had soccer, Beav had baseball and I was definitely busy lining up ducks. My mom kind of giggled, because I have a list written down that I referred to often - a trait that I come by honestly because my dad does that very same thing.

Enough about crazy life ducks, I have to tell you about these cuties! I used colored pencils for the grass and sky, but instead of coloring the ducks, I applied yellow flock. Oh gosh, you have no idea how CUTE these are in real life! When I applied the flocking, though, some of the details (like the eyes and wings) were covered up; you could still see them, but not well enough. Solution? I grabbed a fine tip black pen (I used a Copic Multiliner) and went right over the flock. It worked like a charm!

Have to say, if you see this one in your stamp store - snag it up! It's a classic and a great way to send a faraway friend a sweet and whimsical thinking of you card. Have a fantastic weekend! Be well.


Monica K. said...

How cute! Love the little ducks and the gingham background too. Perfect for spring!

Tricia said...

These ducks are adorable!

Marybeth said...

Jennifer your card is so cute. I love the yellow gingham and the ducks are adorable. Take care.