Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Time flies!

Isn't amazing how BUSY spring becomes? Every mom I know right now is walking around in a haze trying to keep everything straight - sports, standardized testing, spring concerts...and I guess I'm no exception. The blog has taken a back seat to everything else lately, so thanks for bearing with me.

Today's project was built around the Technique Tag we did at Angela's Happy Stamper. It features Lockhart Stamp Company's English Garden Flowers. All of the coloring was done with Twinkling H2O's for a really beautiful look. A few of you who come in on Tuesdays have asked me to give you some ideas for incorporating the tags into cards, so I will start doing that! In case you weren't able to come in yesterday (ie, your ARK wasn't at the ready - what rain!) here's a quick overview:

If you look closely here, you can see that I embossed this beautiful image. But I also used Versafine Black for it - and that's a great little tip. Versafine is not generally regarded to be an embossable ink, but if you have your powder at the ready, it will emboss beautifully while not losing any of that incredible detail. I *love* using this tip when using Twinkling H2O's because the embossing creates little that encourage the watercolors to stay put. Ahhh, control over the uncontrollable! ;) (And for those that know me in person, you know just how giddy that makes me!)

I hope this shows you a couple of great little tips today! Be well.


Carol's Ink Spot said...

Pretty little tag. Love using Twinkling H2O's for all the shimmer they have.

Sue Ann said...

AHHH thanks for the breather and this beauty ...... you could not be more right about the walking around in a haze ....... I am so thankful it is coming to an end and I only have one in kindergarten and 2 at home!! How do you do it?? I promise to get that leaf in the mail this week I have just been in that haze for the last few days!!